Takuya: Japanese Style Hotdog & Bowl


Takuya Dog

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Takuya Japanese Style Hotdogs & Bowl, with locations in San Francisco and in San Mateo, offers delicious, healthy and organic traditional Japanese delicacy to the food culture experience:  

Imagine the aroma of daily baked bread made with fresh ingredients with your choice of the best handcrafted all-natural sausages. "Ringo", chicken and apple sausage, is made with chicken raised with no antibiotics.  "Hotto", cajun sausage, is 100% grass fed-beef. The "Kemuri" and "Supaishi" sausages are naturally smoked pork.  Each product is made with real fruits, vegetable, herbs and lively spices. Then, comes the standard toppings freshly sliced onions, cherry tomato, mustard, etc. to finish with the "piece of resistance" that makes your Japanese style hot dog, "Takuya," stand out:  bonito flakes, confetti nori seaweed, spicy mango, Tempura shrimp, Unagi sauce, Wasabi mayo and more.

There are signature "Takuya" on the menu in addition to your personalized toppings. Vegan sausages are available.  The "Takuya" flavor combinations make perfect sense after you taste them and next time you crave for a hot dog you will be back here again and again!